Are Masks Required at the Denver Art Museum?

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The Denver Art Museum is a staple in the Mile High City, providing visitors with an opportunity to explore an array of artistic styles and mediums. With its wide range of exhibitions and permanent collections, there is something for everyone at the museum. But in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, many have been wondering if masks are required for entry into the museum.

Masks are Mandatory

The Denver Art Museum has put into place a mandatory mask policy for all visitors over the age of three. This means that anyone entering the museum is required to wear a face covering over their nose and mouth.

It is important to note that the masks must be designed in accordance with CDC guidelines, meaning they should fit snugly against your face without any gaps or openings. In addition, all individuals must maintain a distance of six feet from each other while inside the museum.

Exceptions to the Rule

Though masks are mandatory at the Denver Art Museum, there are some exceptions to this rule. For example, those who cannot wear masks due to medical reasons do not need to do so while visiting the museum.

People with disabilities can also request an accommodation from the museum staff if wearing a mask would be difficult or impossible for them. Similarly, children under three years old do not have to wear masks while inside the building.

Safety Measures

In order to keep visitors safe during their visit, the Denver Art Museum has implemented several additional safety measures. These include enhanced cleaning protocols throughout the building as well as contactless ticketing options and enhanced air filtration systems. The museum also encourages visitors to make use of its hand sanitizing stations located throughout its galleries and lobby areas.


In conclusion, it is clear that masks are required at the Denver Art Museum in order to protect both visitors and staff members alike from potential transmission of COVID-19 related illnesses. Despite this requirement, certain exceptions such as medical conditions or disabilities can be made by contacting staff members prior to visiting or upon arrival at the museum itself. Along with this policy, additional safety measures have been implemented in order to ensure safety and comfort during visits for all guests who choose to attend this world-class cultural institution.