Are the Restaurants in the Metropolitan Museum of Art Open?

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The Metropolitan Museum of Art, located in New York City, is a popular tourist destination and a top cultural attraction for those who visit the city. With its vast collection of artworks, its interesting exhibitions and events, and its iconic architecture, it’s no wonder why this museum is so highly visited.

But what about the restaurants in the museum? Are they open?

The Metropolitan Museum of Art has three dining options to choose from: The Great Hall Restaurant, The Roof Garden Café & Martini Bar, and Café Sabarsky. The Great Hall Restaurant serves contemporary American cuisine in a stunning setting featuring grand murals and sculptures.

The Roof Garden Café & Martini Bar is located on the fifth floor of the museum and offers Mediterranean-inspired dishes with stunning views of Central Park. Lastly, Café Sabarsky specializes in Viennese-style cuisine served in an elegant atmosphere.

All three restaurants are currently open to visitors. However, due to Covid-19 restrictions, certain safety measures are being implemented.

All guests must wear masks at all times and maintain social distance from other diners. In addition, reservations are encouraged to ensure that all tables remain at least six feet apart.

The restaurants at the Metropolitan Museum of Art offer something for everyone – from delicious food to stunning views. Whether you’re looking for a quick bite or an exquisite meal with friends or family, you’ll find it at one of the museum’s three dining options.


Yes, the restaurants in the Metropolitan Museum of Art are currently open to visitors but with certain Covid-19 safety measures being implemented.