Are There Any Good Art History Podcasts?

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Are There Any Good Art History Podcasts?

The world of art has long fascinated and inspired people for centuries. Many of us have a keen interest in learning more about art, particularly its history and the stories behind the works. Fortunately, there are now many options available to us to learn more about art history – one of these being podcasts.

Podcasts offer a convenient way to access information on art history and provide an interesting, interactive experience. There are a wide variety of podcasts available on the subject, ranging from beginner’s guides to more specialized topics.

One popular podcast is “The Art Assignment” hosted by Sarah Urist Green and John Green. This podcast takes listeners on an exploration of all aspects of art, from the lives of artists to how they created their works. The hosts discuss various topics in art history, as well as give tips and advice on how to appreciate different pieces.

Another great option is “Art History Babes” hosted by Mariah, Rebecca and Liz. This podcast focuses on art from the Middle Ages through today by discussing important figures in the field and their works in depth. It also includes interviews with experts in the field, as well as discussions about current events related to art history.

For those looking for a more academic approach, there’s “Art History Now” hosted by Dr. Chris Witcombe and Dr. Beth Harris. This podcast covers a variety of topics related to art history such as Renaissance paintings, modern sculpture, ancient Greek architecture and much more. It also features interviews with leading scholars in the field who can provide greater insight into their area of expertise.

Overall, there are plenty of great podcasts available that can help you learn more about art history in an entertaining way – so if you’re looking for something interesting to listen to while doing chores or commuting to work, these options might just be what you need!
Conclusion: Whether you’re looking for something entertaining or educational, there are plenty of good art history podcasts out there that can help you learn more about this fascinating subject!