Can a 2 Year Old Do Ballet?


Parents often ask themselves, can a 2 year old do ballet? The answer is yes, but with some very important considerations.

Starting Too Early
Even if your two year old is eager to take a ballet class, it is important to remember that the physical development of a two year old is not ready for the rigors of a ballet class. Too much too soon could lead to injury and burnout in the very young dancer.

Developmental Readiness
Ballet requires tremendous coordination and strength to perform even the most basic steps. Most professional dancers didn’t begin their training until they were at least 7 years old. A two year old just doesn’t have the physical development or maturity needed for such an undertaking. Finding The Right Program
If your two year old still wants to take ballet classes, there are options available that are designed specifically for this age group.

These classes won’t teach any formal dance steps, but rather focus on developing skills that will help your child when they are ready to move up into more intensive training. Activities such as stretching, movement exploration games, rhythmic exercises and music listening can be very beneficial in preparing them for a more formal program. Conclusion: While it is possible for a 2 year old to do ballet, it is important that parents understand the developmental needs of their child before enrolling them in any formal classes. When choosing a program for young children, parents should look for ones that focus on helping their child develop physically and mentally in preparation for more intensive training when they are older.