Can U Do Pixel Art on Procreate?

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Pixel art has been an integral part of gaming since the dawn of video gaming. It is the classic style of art used to create characters, objects, and backgrounds for our favorite classic games. Nowadays, pixel art is still popular in indie games, and it’s also used to create stunning illustrations.

Can you do pixel art on Procreate? The answer is yes!

Procreate is an amazing app for creating digital artwork with an iOS device. It has a wealth of features that make it easy to create beautiful works of art quickly and easily, including a Pixel Art feature.

The Procreate Pixel Art feature allows you to draw pixel-by-pixel artwork on your iPad or other iOS device. It gives you the ability to draw in a variety of sizes and shapes using a grid system and color palette. You can also customize the size of each individual pixel by adjusting the brush size, which makes it easy to get exactly the look you want for your artwork.

You can also make use of Procreate’s powerful layer system when creating your pixel art masterpiece. With layers, you can experiment with different looks and effects quickly and easily without having to start from scratch every time you want to try something new.

One of the great things about Procreate’s Pixel Art feature is that it allows you to export your work as GIFs or PNG files so that you can share them with others or post them online for everyone to enjoy. This makes it easy for you to show off your work or even use it in game development projects!

Conclusion: So, yes – you absolutely can do pixel art on Procreate! Whether you’re a hobbyist or professional artist, this powerful app has all the tools necessary to help bring your retro gaming dreams alive with beautiful pixel art creations!