Can You Become an Archaeologist With an Art History Degree?

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Archaeology is a fascinating field of study that uncovers the mysteries of our past. It can involve anything from excavating ancient ruins to analyzing the remains of long-lost civilizations.

But can you become an archaeologist with an art history degree? The answer is yes, but it depends on what type of archaeology you want to pursue.

If you have an art history degree, you may be interested in pursuing archaeological research related to the historical and cultural artifacts that have been unearthed in dig sites around the world. An art history degree provides a great foundation for understanding the various forms of visual expression and symbolism used by ancient cultures. This knowledge can be invaluable when interpreting artifacts and understanding the context in which they were created.

In addition to having an art history degree, those interested in becoming professional archaeologists should also consider getting a master’s degree in anthropology or archaeology. This will provide you with specialized training and knowledge about archaeological techniques and methods as well as give you access to internship and research positions in this field. A master’s degree will also open doors for you to pursue a career as a museum curator, conservator or educator specializing in archaeology or anthropology.

Finally, having an art history degree can be beneficial if you want to pursue work as an independent consultant or contractor on archaeological projects. You may not need a formal qualification, but your background knowledge could prove invaluable when it comes to interpreting artifacts, analyzing data or writing reports. You may even find yourself leading teams of archaeologists on excavations or consulting with museums on exhibitions related to ancient cultures.


In conclusion, having an art history background can be beneficial if you are considering pursuing a career in archaeology. It provides a great foundation for understanding the various forms of visual expression used by ancient cultures and gives you access to specialized training and internships that can help further your career aspirations in this field.