Can You Bring Food Into the Metropolitan Museum of Art?

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The Metropolitan Museum of Art is one of the most famous and visited museums in the world. It houses some of the world’s most important works of art, and is a must-visit for anyone wanting to explore the history, culture and art of New York City.

But what about food? Can you bring food into the Metropolitan Museum of Art?

The simple answer is yes, you can bring food into the museum. However, there are some restrictions.

Food must be eaten in designated areas within the museum and cannot be consumed in front of or near any artwork or artifacts. Eating or drinking is also not allowed in certain places such as galleries, libraries, auditoriums, and stairs. If you do need to eat in one of these locations, please ask a staff member for advice.

It’s also important to note that outside food vendors are not allowed on museum property. This includes restaurants and food trucks. Additionally, no alcoholic beverages are permitted inside the museum.

Food Options at The Metropolitan Museum Of Art

If you don’t want to bring your own food into the museum, there are a few options available on-site. The Balcony Café serves sandwiches, salads, pizza and other snacks throughout the day. There is also an outdoor café located on the roof where visitors can enjoy hot meals with a view.

The Great Hall Balcony Bar offers beer, wine and cocktails during special events throughout the year. For dessert lovers there is an ice cream bar located on the Roof Garden where visitors can enjoy classic flavors as well as unique creations.


In conclusion, it is possible to bring food into The Metropolitan Museum Of Art but it must be consumed in designated areas that allow eating or drinking and should not interfere with any artwork or artifacts. Additionally there are several dining options available on-site including a café, outdoor café and ice cream bar.