Can You Picnic at NC Art Museum?

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Picnicking at the North Carolina Art Museum is a great way to spend an afternoon. Whether it’s with friends, family, or just by yourself, the museum provides a tranquil and scenic backdrop for a meal. With its expansive grounds and outdoor sculptures, visitors can relax and enjoy their picnic in an aesthetically pleasing atmosphere.

The museum’s grounds are vast and contain many features to explore while on your picnic. There are several outdoor sculptures, including some of the most iconic works from North Carolina artists.

Additionally, there are lush gardens scattered throughout the property, providing a peaceful atmosphere for dining. The museum also boasts several benches and tables that are perfect for setting up a picnic blanket and basket.

If you’re looking to make your picnic more exciting, there are plenty of activities to do while at the North Carolina Art Museum. Visitors can take guided tours of the museum or explore its galleries independently. Guests can also take part in educational programs and workshops offered by the museum or attend special events like music concerts or art installations.

When it comes to dining options at the North Carolina Art Museum, visitors have plenty of choices. The onsite cafe offers an array of snacks and beverages, while food trucks often park near the entrance on weekends.

Additionally, many visitors bring their own food to enjoy during their visit.


In conclusion, picnicking at the North Carolina Art Museum is an enjoyable experience for all ages. With its sprawling grounds and outdoor sculptures, visitors can relax in an aesthetically pleasing atmosphere while enjoying a meal with friends or family. There are plenty of activities available to make your picnic more exciting as well as delicious dining options both onsite and offsite.