Musical Theatre

Connor Phillips

It’s no secret that musical theatre is an incredibly competitive industry. It requires an immense amount of talent, hard work, and dedication in order to succeed. However, this doesn’t mean that it’s impossible to break into the business. With the right attitude and skills, anyone can make their way into the world of musical theatre. …

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Grace Padilla

Musical theatre is an art form that combines music, acting, dancing, and storytelling to create a unique and exciting form of entertainment. The six elements of musical theatre are music, lyrics, choreography, scene design, costumes, and lighting. Music: Music is the foundation of all musicals. It sets the mood and tone for the show and …

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Isabella Herrera

Musical theatre is a popular form of entertainment that combines singing, dancing and acting with music, costumes and props. It is often referred to as the “theater of dreams” because it allows audiences to escape into a world of fantasy and imagination. The four elements that make up musical theatre are music, lyrics, dance, and …

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