Did Harry Styles Do Ballet?


Harry Styles has been a household name ever since he rose to fame as part of the boy band One Direction in 2010. Now, the singer-songwriter is a Grammy Award-winning solo artist and one of the biggest names in pop music. But did he ever take on the challenge of ballet?

The answer is not straightforward. While there have been reports that Styles has trained in ballet, there is no concrete proof that this is true.

The closest we’ve come to confirmation is an anecdote from an unnamed source who attended high school with him. According to this person, Styles was part of a dance class but wasn’t particularly good at it.

It’s possible that this source was referring to modern dance rather than ballet specifically, as Styles does have a background in performing arts and has taken part in various stage productions. For example, he played the role of Signor Naccarelli in a 2017 production of the musical ‘My Fair Lady’.

It’s also worth noting that Styles was once asked about his experience with ballet during an interview with Rolling Stone Magazine. He gave a coy response, saying “Maybe I did some ballet when I was younger,” and then quickly changed the subject.

In conclusion, it’s impossible to say for sure whether Harry Styles ever took on the challenge of ballet or not. While some reports suggest that he may have had some experience with dance classes while growing up, there is no concrete proof or evidence to support these claims.