Do Ballet Companies Pay for Shoes?

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Ballet companies pay for their dancers’ shoes in different ways. Some companies provide the shoes for free and other companies require the dancer to purchase them. The way a company pays for the shoes depends on many factors, including the size and budget of the company, the type of production they are performing, and if they are a professional or student company.

Free Shoes

In some cases, a ballet company may provide its dancers with free shoes. This is common in professional companies where budgets are higher and dancers may be required to wear certain styles of shoes depending on their role in a production. Professional companies may also have sponsorships that help cover the cost of shoes for their dancers.

Purchasing Shoes

When a dancer is required to purchase their own shoes, they can often get them from specialty stores that specialize in dancewear and supplies. These stores usually carry a wide variety of styles and sizes so that dancers can find something that fits their foot well. Dancers should also be aware that some ballet companies have specific rules about what type of shoe is allowed on stage during performances.


The cost of ballet shoes varies greatly depending on quality and style, but can range from $15 – $60 per pair. Most professional companies will reimburse the dancer for their shoe purchases, while student or amateur companies may not be able to do so due to budget constraints.


It is important to note that ballet shoes need regular maintenance as they wear out quickly due to the rigorous nature of dancing. It is recommended that dancers buy multiple pairs so that they can switch out between performances or classes if needed, as well as use products like shoe glue or tape to help extend the life of their shoes.


In conclusion, whether or not ballet companies pay for their dancers’ shoes depends on various factors including budget size, production type and if it is a professional or amateur company. Many professional companies will provide free shoes as part of their sponsorship deals while other times dancers may need to purchase them from specialty stores at varying costs depending on style and quality.

Do Ballet Companies Pay For Shoes?

The answer depends on many factors but generally speaking some ballet companies do provide free dancewear including shoes while others require the dancers to purchase them.