Do Capezio Ballet Shoes Run Small?

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Capezio ballet shoes are a popular choice among dancers who need a comfortable and reliable shoe for their performances. Many people wonder if Capezio ballet shoes run small, or if they need to size up when purchasing them.

The answer depends on the type of shoe, and the individual dancer’s foot shape.

If you’re considering a pair of Capezio leather ballet shoes, it is likely that you will need to size up from your regular street shoe size. Leather shoes tend to stretch over time, so it is best to purchase a pair that is slightly bigger than your normal size for the best fit. It is recommended that you try on several pairs of different sizes in order to determine which size fits best.

Capezio also offers canvas and split sole shoes, which are lighter and less structured than leather ballet shoes. These types of shoes are more flexible and don’t require as much “breaking in” as leather ones do. Many dancers find that their regular street shoe size works just fine with these types of shoes.

It is important to note that all feet are different, so sizing recommendations may not be one-size-fits-all. Ultimately, the best way to determine the right size of Capezio ballet shoes is to try them on before buying them in order to get the most comfortable fit.

In conclusion, do Capezio ballet shoes run small? It depends on the type of shoe and the individual dancer’s foot shape. Leather ballet shoes typically require sizing up from your regular street shoe size, while canvas or split sole styles may fit true-to-size with no extra adjustments needed.