Do You Have to Pay to Get Into the Dallas Museum of Art?

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The Dallas Museum of Art (DMA) is one of the largest and most respected art museums in the country. It houses an incredible collection of artwork from all over the world, ranging from ancient Egyptian artifacts to modern American art.

But do you have to pay to get into the Dallas Museum of Art? The answer is no – admission to the museum is free for everyone!

The DMA has been offering free admission since 2013, when they announced their commitment to making art accessible and affordable for everyone. This decision was made in response to a growing national trend towards free or low-cost admittance at museums and cultural institutions. The DMA’s mission is to “engage people with the power and joy of art,” and part of that mission includes removing any financial barriers that might prevent people from visiting.

While admission is free, there are some exceptions. The DMA offers special programs for which visitors must purchase tickets in advance.

These include guided tours, lectures, and special events like concerts or film screenings. Additionally, if you want to take photos inside the museum you may be required to purchase a photography permit.

So while it doesn’t cost anything to enter the museum, there are some exceptions that require you to pay in order to take advantage of certain programming.

In addition to free admission, the DMA also offers a variety of discounts on tickets for special events and programs. Memberships are available at several levels and offer a range of discounts on purchases at the museum store as well as access to exclusive programming.

So while it’s not necessary to pay an entry fee at the Dallas Museum of Art, certain programs require tickets or memberships in order to participate.

The Dallas Museum of Art is committed to making its collections available for everyone who wishes to explore them. By providing free admission, they have removed any financial barriers that may have stopped people from visiting before. So if you’re looking for an affordable way experience some incredible artwork, then make sure you check out what’s going on at the DMA!


Do You Have To Pay To Get Into The Dallas Museum Of Art? No – admission is free for everyone!

However, there are some exceptions such as special programs or events which require tickets or memberships in order attend them. So while it’s not necessary to pay an entry fee at the Dallas Museum of Art, certain programs do require payment in order participate.