Do You Use Ballet Shoes in Modern Dance?

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Ballet shoes may have been the go-to choice for dancers in the past, but modern dance has moved on. Modern dance is a diverse and ever-evolving style of movement, and there are now a variety of different shoe styles to choose from when performing modern dance.

The most popular shoe style amongst modern dancers is jazz shoes. These shoes provide the necessary grip and support that is required for modern dance movements, while also allowing for flexibility and comfort.

Jazz shoes come in a variety of different materials, including leather, canvas and suede. Some jazz shoes also feature split-sole designs or additional cushioning for added shock absorption.

Another popular choice amongst modern dancers are lyrical shoes. Lyrical shoes are designed to be lightweight and flexible in order to provide the dancer with maximum range of motion during their performance.

The soles on lyrical shoes are usually made from suede or leather, and often feature an extra layer of foam cushioning for additional comfort.

Finally, modern dancers may also opt to wear character shoes while performing. Character shoes are designed to emulate the look of traditional ballet slippers but with a more supportive design. They typically feature a low heel, ankle straps, and a wide sole that provides extra stability when performing complex movements.


So while ballet shoes can still be used in some contexts within modern dance, they don’t offer enough support or flexibility needed for more complex movements. Therefore it is generally recommended that modern dancers opt for one of the other shoe styles mentioned above in order to get the most out of their performances.