Does an Apprentice at New York City Ballet Get Paid?


New York City Ballet, one of the oldest and most acclaimed ballet companies in the world, runs an apprentice program to train young dancers in the art and techniques of ballet. But does an apprentice at New York City Ballet get paid?

The short answer is yes. Apprentices receive a weekly salary, though it is much less than that of a company dancer.

Apprentices also receive benefits such as health insurance, free tickets to performances, and discounted tickets for family and friends. They may also be eligible for additional compensation such as travel expenses or costuming needs.

The apprentice program at New York City Ballet is highly competitive, with only 8-12 apprentices selected each year from hundreds of applicants. It’s important to note that although apprentices are not yet part of the company, they must meet the same rigorous standards as any other dancer in order to remain in the program.

Once accepted into the program, apprentices attend daily classes and rehearsals with company members. This helps them become well-versed in ballet technique while also giving them insight into how a professional dance company works. Apprentices may also have the opportunity to perform in some productions throughout their tenure with New York City Ballet.

The apprentice program serves as a stepping stone for dancers who want to join a professional ballet company like New York City Ballet. It’s an invaluable experience that provides aspiring dancers with technical training and mentorship from some of the best professionals in the industry – all while receiving financial compensation for their hard work.

In conclusion, apprentices at New York City Ballet do receive financial compensation for their work as part of the apprentice program. While it isn’t nearly as much as a full-time dancer would make, it is still an important source of income for aspiring dancers who are just starting out on their journey towards becoming professional dancers or choreographers.