Does Dallas Have a Ballet Company?


Dallas is home to a wealth of cultural and artistic organizations, including the Dallas Ballet Company. The company is one of the oldest in the city, having been founded in 1959 by Charles Newall. The company has been acclaimed for its performances of both classic and contemporary ballets, showcasing their talent with pieces from the likes of George Balanchine, Marius Petipa, and Jerome Robbins.

The Dallas ballet Company is made up of a full-time company of over 30 professional dancers, as well as apprentices and trainees who are working to hone their craft. The dancers come from all over the world and bring with them diverse backgrounds and training styles. The company rehearses six days a week for between two and four hours per day in preparation for their yearly season which includes both classical works as well as new creations from local choreographers.

The Dallas Ballet Company also has a school program which provides aspiring students with the opportunity to learn from professional instructors. Through classes in technique, pointe work, variations, character work and repertoire students can gain the necessary skills needed to pursue a career in dance. In addition to classes at the school, students have access to weekly rehearsals with members of the professional company at their studios located on Walnut Hill Lane near downtown Dallas.

The Dallas Ballet Company has performed throughout Texas and beyond including performances at venues such as Bass Hall in Fort Worth and Houston’s Wortham Center. Their productions have also toured internationally to countries such as Mexico and Japan. In addition to performances they are heavily involved in community outreach programs such as “Dancing on Wheels” which provides adaptive dance classes for people living with physical disabilities or other impairments.

The Dallas Ballet Company continues to be an integral part of not only the artistic community but also that of Dallas itself. With its commitment to excellence in both performance and education it is no wonder that it has remained a cornerstone institution for over 60 years.

Yes, Dallas does have a ballet company – The Dallas Ballet Company – which has been providing excellence in performance art since 1959 for audiences across Texas and around the world! Through its full-time company of professional dancers, school program for aspiring students, international tours, and community outreach initiatives it has become an integral part of not only the artistic community but also that of Dallas itself!