Does Durham Do History of Art?

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Does Durham Do History of Art?

Durham University is an internationally renowned university located in Durham, North East England. It has a long history of academic excellence and offers a range of courses in the arts, humanities and sciences. But does it offer a course in the History of Art?

The answer is yes! Durham University has an established School of Arts and Cultures which offers a range of study options for students interested in learning about the history of art.

The school offers undergraduate and postgraduate degrees, as well as short courses for those who want to gain knowledge about the subject without committing to a full-time degree program. Students can choose to specialize in either ancient or modern art, or take a more general approach to their studies.

The courses cover topics such as painting, sculpture, architecture, photography and decorative arts from different time periods. Students will learn key concepts such as iconography, symbolism and composition while exploring works from different cultures around the world. They will be able to develop visual literacy skills while studying specific works by great artists such as Michelangelo or Rembrandt.

In addition to traditional approaches to art history such as lectures and seminars, students will also be able to take advantage of hands-on workshops led by experienced professionals. These workshops will offer students hands-on experience with techniques such as drawing, painting or sculpting which can help them gain an understanding of how art is created.

Finally, the School of Arts and Cultures offers students the chance to participate in field trips both within the UK and abroad for first-hand experience with great works of art from different cultures around Europe. This provides invaluable experience that cannot be gained from books alone!

With its excellent teaching staff, varied course options and opportunities for field trips abroad, Durham University is an ideal place for those interested in learning about the history of art!

In conclusion, Durham University does offer History of Art courses across its undergraduate and postgraduate programmes within its School of Arts and Cultures.

With its excellent teaching staff and varied course options available, it provides students with an ideal opportunity to learn about this fascinating subject through both traditional methods as well as hands-on workshops and field trips abroad!