Does Hawaii Have a Professional Ballet Company?


Does Hawaii Have a Professional Ballet Company?

The answer to this question is yes, Hawaii does have a professional ballet company. The Honolulu Dance Theatre is the only professional ballet company in the state of Hawaii and it has been providing world-class ballet performances to audiences in the islands since 1976.

The company’s mission is to bring quality classical ballet and contemporary dance to Hawaii and its neighboring communities, as well as advance and educate the public about the art form of dance.

The Honolulu Dance Theatre has a wide variety of programs for all age levels and skill levels. From beginner classes for children to adult classes and advanced training, there is something for everyone.

They offer classes in classical ballet, jazz, contemporary, hip-hop, modern and more so that dancers can find the perfect fit for their individual needs. The company also has an extensive performance schedule throughout the year at various venues on Oahu including Blaisdell Concert Hall, Honolulu Hale Civic Center, Waikiki Beach Walk and more.

The Honolulu Dance Theatre puts on several full-length productions each year including “The Nutcracker” during the holiday season. These spectacular performances feature stunning choreography by world-renowned choreographers accompanied by live music from local symphonies or small ensembles. In addition to these performances, the company often holds workshops for aspiring dancers or those looking to refine their technique.

In conclusion, Hawaii does have a professional ballet company in the form of The Honolulu Dance Theatre which offers classes for all ages and skill levels as well as full-length productions throughout the year. With its mission to bring quality artistry to Hawaii’s communities along with education about this beautiful art form, it is no wonder that this company is beloved by many locals and visitors alike.