Does Portland Have a Ballet?


Portland, Oregon is home to a thriving arts and culture scene. The city has a variety of theaters, dance companies, galleries, and performance venues. One art form that has become increasingly popular in the area is ballet.

Ballet in Portland

Portland has a vibrant ballet community with several professional companies and schools dedicated to the art form. The city’s most well-known company is Oregon Ballet Theatre (OBT).

Founded in 1989, OBT performs classical ballets such as Swan Lake and Romeo & Juliet as well as contemporary works. OBT also offers classes for all ages and levels of experience.

In addition to OBT, Portland is also home to smaller companies such as Dance WithJoy Studios and PDX Contemporary Ballet. These companies offer a variety of classes focusing on classical ballet technique as well as contemporary styles such as hip-hop and jazz. There are also several smaller schools focused solely on teaching ballet technique, such as Oregon Academy of Ballet Arts and Portland Ballet Academy.

In addition to professional companies and schools, Portland also hosts a number of annual events that celebrate the art form of ballet. The most popular event is the “Dance Fest” which draws dancers from all over the world. Other events include the “Ballet Boot Camp” which focuses on helping dancers improve their technique; “Dance for Kids” which provides an opportunity for children to experience ballet; and “Ballet in Motion” which showcases both professional and amateur dancers from around the region.


The answer to the question “Does Portland Have a Ballet?” is an unequivocal yes!

In addition to Oregon Ballet Theatre there are several other professional companies that specialize in teaching different styles of ballet such as hip-hop or jazz dance, and there are several schools dedicated solely to teaching ballet technique. Plus, there are annual events that celebrate the art form throughout the year giving everyone an opportunity to experience ballet up close.