Does Target Sell Ballet Shoes?

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The answer is yes, but not in every location. Target stores that do offer a selection of ballet shoes for sale may have limited sizes, colors and styles available.

Ballet shoes come in both leather and canvas versions. Leather is the preferred choice for experienced dancers as the material conforms to the foot over time and allows for more support. Canvas is often worn by beginner dancers because it is cheaper, lighter and easier to break in than leather.

Target stores that carry ballet shoes will likely have them organized by gender, size and style; most locations will feature a mix of canvas and leather options. Depending on the store, some locations may also offer more specialized items such as pointe shoes (for experienced dancers only), slippers and other accessories such as shoe ribbons or stretch bands.

When shopping for ballet shoes at Target, it is important to check the sizing charts provided with each item in order to ensure a proper fit. If you are unable to find the size or style you are looking for in-store, many Target locations offer online shopping options with a larger selection that can be shipped directly to your home or picked up at your local store.


Yes, Target does sell ballet shoes but not all locations will have them in stock. It’s important to check sizing charts before purchasing any items online or in-store to ensure proper fitment.