Does the Cleveland Museum of Art Have Parking?

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The Cleveland Museum of Art is one of the most renowned museums in the United States. Its vast collection of artwork spans centuries, with pieces from all over the world. Visitors to the museum often wonder if there is parking available, and the answer is yes.

Parking Options

The Cleveland Museum of Art offers several different parking options for its visitors. The museum’s main lot, located adjacent to its entrance on Wade Oval, provides pay-by-space parking.

The rate for this lot is $10 per hour or a maximum fee of $20 per day. Visitors can also take advantage of prepaid passes that offer discounted rates for multiple visits within a certain period of time. Additionally, there are several nearby lots and garages that offer paid parking as well.

Parking Alternatives

For those looking for an alternative to traditional parking, there are several other options available near the museum. For those who prefer public transportation, RTA buses and trolleys provide regular service to University Circle where the museum is located. Additionally, visitors can take advantage of ride share services such as Uber or Lyft to get them to their destination quickly and conveniently.

Additional Services

The Cleveland Museum of Art also offers additional services for visitors who require assistance with their visit or need special accommodations such as wheelchair access or designated drop-off locations. These services can be requested in advance through the museum’s website or by calling ahead to inquire about availability.


In conclusion, the Cleveland Museum of Art does have parking available for visitors who choose to drive to the museum. There are both paid lots and garages located nearby as well as alternate transportation options such as public transit and ride share services available for those who do not wish to drive themselves. For those needing additional assistance during their visit, special requests can be made ahead of time through the museum’s website or by calling ahead directly.