Does the Milwaukee Art Museum Have Free Days?

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The Milwaukee Art Museum is a great place to explore, learn and relax. It has a wide array of artwork, from classic paintings to modern sculptures. The museum offers a variety of interesting and educational programs, as well as special events. But does the Milwaukee Art Museum have free days?

The answer is yes! Every first Thursday of the month, admission to the museum is free from 10am-8pm. This offer applies to all permanent collections and special exhibitions. During these free days, visitors can explore the galleries at their leisure without paying for admission. There are also family activities available on these days that are designed to engage children in art exploration.

In addition to monthly free days, the museum also offers discounts for Wisconsin residents on weekends and holidays. Wisconsin residents can get discounted admission with a valid driver’s license or state ID card. This discount applies to all permanent collections and special exhibitions.

The Milwaukee Art Museum also has other special discounts available throughout the year. Military personnel and veterans can receive free admission with valid ID cards. Students with student ID cards can get discounted admission on Thursdays after 5pm during certain months of the year.

Conclusion: The Milwaukee Art Museum offers many opportunities for visitors to explore its collections without having to pay for admission. With monthly free days, discounts for Wisconsin residents and special discounts for students and military personnel, there are plenty of ways for people to enjoy this wonderful museum without breaking their budgets.