Does the St Louis Art Museum Have Parking?

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The St. Louis Art Museum is a treasured gem in Missouri’s art scene. It has been around since the early 1900s and showcases a wide array of artwork from renowned artists around the world.

As a popular tourist attraction, many people visit the museum to admire its contents. But, does the St. Louis Art Museum have parking?

The answer is yes! The St. Louis Art Museum has plenty of parking available for visitors.

There are two large parking garages located on either side of the museum that offer convenient and affordable parking for those who wish to visit the museum. The garage on the east side is free for visitors and can accommodate up to 300 vehicles, while the garage on the west side charges a small fee for use and can hold up to 250 vehicles.

In addition to these two garages, there are also several other lots located near the museum that offer paid parking for visitors. These lots have different rates depending on how long you will be staying and can accommodate up to 200 vehicles at any given time.

Furthermore, there are also some spots available along Forest Park Parkway just outside of the museum that can accommodate up to 25 cars during peak visitation hours (Monday–Friday 10am–6pm). These spaces are often taken quickly due to their proximity to the museum, so it’s best to arrive early if you plan to park here.

For those who prefer public transportation, there are several bus lines that run close by or even directly in front of the museum, making it easy for visitors to get there without needing a car or other form of transportation.

In conclusion, it is clear that yes, the St Louis Art Museum does indeed have parking available for its visitors in various forms and locations near its premises. Whether you choose one of their garages or lots, or decide to take public transportation instead, you will find that your visit will be comfortable and enjoyable!