How Big Is the Speed Art Museum?

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The Speed Art Museum is a cultural landmark located in Louisville, Kentucky. It is one of the oldest and largest art museums in the United States and holds more than 10,000 objects from around the world.

The museum houses an impressive collection of artwork from ancient times to modern day, including European and American paintings, photography, sculpture, prints, drawings, and decorative arts.

The building itself is an architectural beauty with its neo-classical design. It has a grand facade with two wings extending outwards from a central rotunda.

Inside the museum is two floors of galleries filled with artworks from across cultures and eras. There are also special exhibitions that change regularly.

The Speed Art Museum has been open since 1927 when it was first established at its current location on Third Street in Louisville. In 2016, the museum underwent a massive renovation project that cost $60 million dollars and took three years to complete. The renovated building now includes new galleries for contemporary art as well as an outdoor sculpture garden.

The Speed Art Museum is also home to several educational programs for children and adults alike. These include lectures, symposiums, classes for students of all ages, summer camps for kids, workshops for teens and adults alike.

How Big Is The Speed Art Museum?

The Speed Art Museum covers over 120,000 square feet of total space with over 50 galleries inside the museum itself. It also comprises a library containing over 18,000 books related to art history as well as an outdoor sculpture garden that features several large-scale sculptures.

In conclusion, The Speed Art Museum is an impressive cultural landmark located in Louisville Kentucky that covers 120,000 square feet of total space with over 50 galleries inside the museum and an outdoor sculpture garden featuring several large-scale sculptures