How Can I Turn My Digital Art Into Money?

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Making money from digital art can be a really enjoyable way to make a living. With the right knowledge and dedication, it is possible to turn your digital art into a successful business that can generate an income.

Create Your Own Website

The first step to turning your digital art into money is to create your own website. This will serve as your online portfolio and shopfront, where potential customers can view and buy your work.

Having a website also allows you to brand yourself and make it easier for customers to find you. You should also consider setting up social media accounts on platforms such as Instagram or Twitter in order to promote your artwork further.

Build Your Audience

Once you have set up a website and social media accounts, the next step is to start building an audience of people who appreciate your work. This can be done by creating engaging content, making sure to post regularly, interacting with other artists in the same field and responding quickly to customer queries or comments. Building an audience takes time but it is worth investing in as it will help you reach more potential customers and increase sales of your artwork.

Offer Customized Services

Customers are often willing to pay more for personalized services such as custom designs or commissions that are tailored specifically for them. Offering these services can be a great way to make extra money from your digital art as customers are often willing to pay for the extra effort involved in creating something unique for them. You could also consider offering tutorials or classes teaching others how they too can create their own digital artworks, or even mentoring aspiring artists who want guidance in this field.

Explore Different Selling Platforms

There are many platforms available online where you can sell your digital artworks such as Etsy, Redbubble or Society6. These platforms provide an easy way for you to reach potential customers who may not have discovered you through traditional methods such as word of mouth advertising or search engine optimisation (SEO). It is important however that before using any of these platforms, that you read through their terms and conditions carefully so that you know what fees they charge and what rights they reserve over the artwork you upload on their platform.


Turning digital art into money requires dedication and hard work but it can be done with the right knowledge and strategy in place. Create a website and use social media accounts as well as other selling platforms like Etsy or Redbubble in order to promote yourself and reach potential customers. Offer customized services such as commissions or tutorials which people are willing to pay more for, and build an audience who appreciate your work by regularly posting engaging content on all channels used for promotion.