How Did Roy Lichtenstein Start Pop Art?

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Roy Lichtenstein was an American pop artist and one of the most influential figures in the pop art movement. He began his career as a commercial artist, painting advertisements for newspapers and magazines.

In the early 1960s, he began to explore the use of popular culture imagery in his work, which became an essential part of his artistic style.

Lichtenstein’s exploration into popular culture began with comic strips, which he often used as inspiration for his paintings. His work was heavily influenced by the comic book style, especially from books like DC Comics and Marvel Comics.

He would often take characters from these books and transform them into larger-than-life figures on canvas.

He also drew inspiration from advertising campaigns of the time, particularly ads for products like cigarettes and cars. He used bright colors to bring these images to life and draw out their humorous aspects. This technique was a major influence on the development of pop art in general.

In addition to comic strips and advertising imagery, Lichtenstein also drew inspiration from other sources including movies, television shows, music albums, magazines, newspapers and even toys. His style became known as “Pop Art” because it combined elements from all these sources into one unique style.


Roy Lichtenstein’s iconic Pop Art style has become one of the most recognizable styles in modern art history. His exploration into popular culture imagery such as comics, movies, television shows and advertising campaigns provided him with vast amounts of inspiration that he used to create his iconic artworks.