How Do I Keep My Kids Ballet Shoes Tied?

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Ballet shoes are a necessary part of any serious ballet dancer’s wardrobe. Unfortunately, kids can have a hard time keeping them tied and secured. Here are some tips to help your child keep their ballet shoes tied and secure:

1. Use Elastic Laces
Elastic laces are a great way to keep the shoes tied securely. The elasticity helps the laces stay in place and keeps them from coming undone easily.

2. Double Knot
Tying your child’s shoes with a double knot is a simple way to ensure that the laces stay in place. As an added bonus, this method also helps prevent the laces from coming undone as easily.

3. Use Shoelace Charms
Shoelace charms are small decorative items that can be used to keep the laces in place. They come in all sorts of shapes and colors, so you can find one that will suit your child’s tastes and coordinate with their outfit.

4. Use Shoe Clips
Shoe clips are another great way to keep your child’s ballet shoes tied up securely.

These clips attach to the shoe itself, so the laces don’t need to be tied at all! It’s an easy way to give your child’s ballet shoes a secure fit without having to worry about them coming undone constantly.

By following these tips, you can help ensure that your child stays safe while dancing by keeping their ballet shoes securely tied at all times! With these methods, tying their ballet shoes should be no problem at all.


Keeping your kids’ ballet shoes tied is an important part of any dancer’s safety routine! By using elastic laces, double-knotting, shoelace charms or shoe clips, you can help make sure that their shoes stay secure while they dance. This will allow them to focus on performing their best without worrying about their shoe ties coming undone!