How Do I Make My Digital Art Look Like a Polaroid?

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Polaroid photos are a classic way to capture and preserve memories, and now digital art can be made to look like a Polaroid as well. Making your digital art look like a Polaroid is relatively easy and can add some vintage charm to your work.

Step One: Choose the Right Medium

The first step in making your digital art look like a Polaroid is to choose the right medium. You can use any type of software, such as Adobe Photoshop, GIMP, or Procreate to create your digital art. However, you may find that certain programs have more features that can help you achieve the desired look, so do some research on each before committing to one.

Step Two: Add Borders

Polaroids typically have a white border around them that makes them stand out from other photos. To replicate this in your digital art, you can use the “stroke” or “border” tool in most programs and adjust it until it looks similar to the real thing. This will also help add depth and dimensionality to your artwork.

Step Three: Adjust Colors

Polaroids often have warm tones that give them an aged feel, so it’s important to adjust the colors of your artwork accordingly. You can use the “hue/saturation” tool in most programs to make these adjustments until you get the desired effect. It may take some time and experimentation before you find the perfect combination of colors but it will be worth it in the end!

Step Four: Add Vintage Effects

The last step is to add some vintage effects such as scratches or faded edges. This will give your artwork an authentic polaroid feel and make it stand out even more. You can use filters or brushes in most programs or download vintage textures online if needed.

Conclusion: Making digital art look like a Polaroid is not as difficult as one might think! With just a few simple steps such as choosing the right medium, adding borders, adjusting colors, and adding vintage effects, you can easily transform any artwork into something special that looks just like an old-fashioned polaroid photo!