How Do You Beat Undyne the Undying Without Ballet Shoes?

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Undyne the Undying is the final boss in the popular video game Undertale. She is a fierce and powerful monster who must be defeated in order for the player to progress further in the game. So how do you beat her without Ballet Shoes?

The key to beating Undyne without Ballet Shoes is preparation. You should make sure you have a good understanding of her attacks and know what to do when she uses them.

Additionally, you should stock up on items such as healing items and weapons that will help you during the fight. Having a strategy in place is also essential; it can help you maximize your damage output while minimizing your risk of taking too much damage.

In addition to preparation, it’s important to pay attention to Undyne’s attack patterns. Her attacks are usually telegraphed by her movements, so if you can read her actions ahead of time, it can give you an edge during your fight with her. There are also certain “safe spots” where her attacks won’t reach you; make sure you take advantage of these when possible.

Lastly, don’t be afraid to use defensive tactics during your fight with Undyne. Blocking or dodging her attacks can save your life, as well as using items like bombs or healing items to heal yourself or create an opening for attack.


Beating Undyne the Undying without Ballet Shoes requires preparation, paying attention to her attack patterns, and using defensive tactics when necessary. With enough practice and patience, defeating this difficult boss is possible without Ballet Shoes!