How Do You Become a Ballet Choreographer?


Becoming a ballet choreographer requires an understanding of the technicalities of ballet and a strong creative vision. This can be gained through rigorous and disciplined training, both as a dancer and within the art form itself.

A good starting point for those interested in becoming a ballet choreographer is to take classes from established professionals. Ballet classes are offered at many specialized dance schools, universities, and conservatories. A dancer should take classes in all the major styles of ballet – classical, neoclassical, and contemporary – to gain an understanding of how each style can be used to create something unique.

In addition to taking classes in ballet technique, aspiring ballet choreographers should study other forms of dance such as jazz, hip-hop, contemporary, or modern.

This will help provide an expanded understanding of movement that can be incorporated into their own work. Furthermore, studying the works of established choreographers can provide insight into how successful ballets are crafted.

Ballet choreographers must have strong musicality and musical comprehension as well. An ability to hear music and interpret it with movement is essential for creating original works of art. Music theory courses or private lessons from musicians may help enhance this skill.

Once a dancer has developed the necessary skillset for becoming a choreographer they should begin applying for internships or assistantships with established companies or choreographers. This will provide them with first-hand experience on how professional ballets are created and produced.

Becoming a ballet choreographer requires discipline, creativity, knowledge of various styles of ballet and other forms of dance, strong musicality skills, and experience working with professional companies or choreographers. With dedication and practice anyone interested in becoming a successful ballet choreographer can achieve their goal.