How Do You Cite an Art Museum Website?

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When researching information related to art, it is important to cite properly. Sources that are used should be credited to their authors in order to give credit where it is due and avoid plagiarism.

When citing an art museum website, there are a few things that should be taken into consideration.

Author: The first thing you need to figure out when citing an art museum website is who the author is. Depending on the website you are using, this may be the museum itself, or an individual author or curator. If the author is an individual, make sure you include their name in your citation.

Title: The title of the source should also be included in the citation. This could be the title of a specific artwork that has been featured on the website, a blog post on the website, or even just the name of the website itself if it does not have a specific title associated with it.

Date: Another important element to include in your citation is when you accessed and viewed the source material. Since websites often change over time, including a date can help future researchers locate and view what you saw at the time of your research.

URL: Finally, you should provide a link or URL for where you accessed and viewed the source material from. This will help other researchers find and view exactly what you did when conducting your research.


In order to properly cite an art museum website, make sure to include who authored it (if applicable), what its title is (if applicable), when it was accessed and viewed, and its URL for further reference. Following these steps will ensure that credit is given where it is due and help future researchers access what was seen during your research.