How Do You Do a Ballet Pirouette for Beginners?


Ballet is an art form that requires strength, grace, and poise. One of the most iconic moves of classical ballet is the pirouette. It’s a move that looks effortless and beautiful when executed correctly, but it takes considerable practice and technique to master. Here’s a guide on how to do a ballet pirouette for beginners.

Practice your Plié:

The plié is the foundational movement of ballet, and it’s essential to develop proper technique before attempting a pirouette. A plié prepares your body for the impending rotation of the pirouette, as well as helps you develop muscle control in your feet and legs. Start by standing in first position—feet turned out with heels touching each other—and bend your knees into a plié with your weight evenly distributed between both feet. Practice repeating this move in both directions—downward and upward—while maintaining control over your movements.

Prepare for the Turn:

When preparing for the turn, begin by standing in fifth position—one foot in front of the other with heels touching each other—with your arms slightly extended out from your body. This helps create balance during the turn.

Then place your working leg (the one you’re going to use to turn) slightly behind you as you bring up your free leg up into retiré (where the anklebone rests on top of the knee). Make sure to keep both knees bent during this process.

Execute Your Turn:

For beginners, it’s best to keep one arm extended out while executing your turn rather than trying to do two arms at once. Push off from the floor using both legs while simultaneously pushing off from the heel of your working foot and turning quickly on one spot into relevé (where you rise onto the balls of your feet). As soon as you reach relevé, begin to spot by focusing on an object or point in front or above you until completing one full rotation.

As soon as you complete one rotation, lower yourself back down into plié using both legs and prepare yourself for another turn if desired. It’s important not to rush this process but instead focus on controlling each movement with grace and poise.

With enough practice and dedication, anyone can learn how to execute a proper ballet pirouette!


Ballet pirouettes are difficult but attainable moves if approached correctly. Start by practicing pliés until comfortable before preparing for turns by standing in fifth position with arms extended outwards – then execute turns focusing on control rather than speed until completing one full rotation before starting again if desired! With patience and practice anyone can learn how to do a ballet pirouette!