How Do You Do a Ballet Tour?


Doing a ballet tour is an exciting opportunity for ballerinas and dancers of all levels. Ballet tours offer dancers the chance to travel, perform, and gain experience all while learning more about the world of ballet. A ballet tour can be a great way to get noticed by dance schools, companies, and choreographers.

The first step in doing a ballet tour is to research different companies that offer them. Look for companies that have experience in organizing professional ballet tours and have good reputations.

Talk to current or former dancers who have toured with these companies to get an idea of what they’re like. Ask questions about the tour package offered, such as what kind of travel arrangements are included, how many performances are expected, where the performances will be held, etc.

Once you’ve chosen a company to work with, it’s time to plan your own individual tour. Consider the type of performance you want to do on your tour—classical or contemporary?

Talk with your teacher or choreographer about pieces that you’d like to perform and discuss any possible changes they’d like you to make before performing on tour. Once you have an idea of the pieces you’d like to perform, it’s important to practice them thoroughly so that your performance is at its best.

When it comes time for the actual tour itself, it’s important to remember that every performance is different—even if you’re dancing the same piece multiple times. Take time before each performance to warm up properly and mentally prepare yourself for dancing in front of a live audience. There may also be additional tasks involved with being on a tour such as helping out with set-up or packing away after each performance.

Finally, don’t forget to take time out from performing during the tour—whether it’s exploring new cities or simply relaxing with friends made during the tour. Doing a ballet tour can be incredibly rewarding; however there may also be periods of exhaustion and stress due to long days spent travelling and performing.


Doing a ballet tour can be an amazing experience for any dancer who loves to travel and perform.

Start by researching different companies offering ballet tours and then plan your individual itinerary accordingly. Make sure you practice thoroughly before going on stage and remember that every performance is different—even if it’s the same piece multiple times! Lastly, don’t forget take some time out from performing during your tour so that you can enjoy all that it has to offer.