How Do You Do a Pirouette in Ballet?


A pirouette is a beautiful spin turn in ballet dancing, and it can be used to add a dramatic flair to your performance. It requires precise technique, balance and control to execute properly. To do a pirouette in ballet, you must first understand the proper body placement and posture needed for the move.

Body Placement

The feet should be placed in the fifth position with heels touching and toes slightly turned out. The arms should be held in the traditional third position, with one arm stretched out to the side and the other arm stretched above the head. The back should remain straight with the head held up high so that you can maintain your balance during the turn.

Turning Technique

When you are ready to begin turning, start by pushing off of your supporting leg with your toe pointed at an angle away from your body. You must use momentum to get your body spinning around as quickly as possible while maintaining control over its movements.

As you spin, keep your arms extended outward and away from your body while keeping them high up above your head at all times. Your eyes should stay focused on one spot in front of you throughout the whole turn so that you don’t become disoriented or lose balance.


When it comes time to land, make sure that you are still facing forward and bring your arms back into third position as quickly as possible for stability. Keep both feet together with heels touching as you finish your turn, then press down firmly into both legs for balance before transitioning into another step or movement.


Learning how to do a pirouette in ballet takes practice and patience but once mastered can be a very impressive move to show off on stage or during practice sessions. With proper positioning of the body and focusing on technique when turning, any dancer can learn how to execute this beautiful spin turn with grace and precision.