How Do You Do Water Digital Art?

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Digital art is one of the most popular forms of art today. It allows artists to create works that are almost impossible to create with traditional mediums.

With digital art, you can create anything from a simple sketch to a detailed painting and everything in between. But how do you go about creating digital art? The answer is water digital art.

Water digital art is a unique and beautiful form of digital art that takes advantage of the natural properties of water. By manipulating the way light interacts with droplets of water, you can create stunning visuals that are impossible to replicate with other mediums.

To create water digital art, you need some specialized equipment such as a DSLR camera, flash, and software like Photoshop or GIMP. You also need a surface to capture your drops on such as glass or plastic.

Once you have all your equipment set up and ready to go, it’s time to start taking pictures! Start by filling a shallow container with water and adding drops of food coloring or ink into it.

Place your camera above the container and use your flash to get the perfect shot of each drop as it hits the surface below. Once you have taken all your photos, take them into Photoshop or GIMP where you can start manipulating them into something truly unique.

In Photoshop or GIMP, combine different elements from each photo together until you have created an image that captures the beauty of the droplets in motion. You can also adjust colors and add layers for more depth and texture. When you’re finished editing your image, save it as an image file so that you can share it with others.


Water Digital Art is an amazing form of digital art that takes advantage of natural properties in order to create stunning visuals. All it requires is some specialized equipment like a DSLR camera and software like Photoshop or GIMP along with some food coloring or ink for added color. With these tools at hand, anyone can create beautiful images that capture the beauty of droplets in motion.