How Do You Donate Art to the Museum in Animal Crossing New Leaf?

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Animal Crossing: New Leaf is a popular video game from Nintendo. It allows players to build a virtual life in their own town, become mayor and interact with other players online. One of the many activities players can do in the game is donate artwork to their local museum for others to view and appreciate.

Donating artwork to the museum in Animal Crossing: New Leaf is a simple process. After selecting ‘Donate’ at the Museum’s front desk, players will be presented with an overview of what kind of artwork they can donate and how much Bells they will receive for each donation. Players are also able to choose which room in the museum they would like their artworks to be placed in; each room has different themes, such as nature or fossils.

In order to donate art, players must first collect it either by buying it from Tom Nook’s store or by catching it while fishing or bug-catching.

They can also find art randomly lying around town, such as on rocks or inside trees. Once they have obtained some artwork, they can head over to the Museum and donate it. It’s important that players make sure that the artwork is accepted by Blathers, the owl who runs the Museum, before donating it.

Players are also able to restore pieces of broken art by bringing them back to Blathers, who will fix them up and reward them with Bells for their efforts. This is a great way for players who don’t have a lot of Bells but still want to contribute something meaningful to their local Museum.


Donating art to the Museum in Animal Crossing: New Leaf is an easy and rewarding experience for players. By collecting art either through purchases or through fishing/bug-catching and bringing them back to Blathers at the Museum, players are able to help contribute pieces of art that everyone can enjoy viewing and appreciating. And if they’re lucky enough, they may even be rewarded with some extra Bells!