How Do You Draw Hair in Digital Art?

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Drawing hair digitally can be tricky, especially for beginners. It can be hard to get the look and feel of hair right, but with practice and patience, it is possible to create beautiful hairstyles in digital art.

The first step to drawing hair digitally is to decide on the style you want. Think about the type of hair you are trying to draw—long or short, straight or curly, and so on.

Once you’ve made a decision on the type of hair you want, it’s time to start sketching it out.

When sketching out the hair you want, try to make sure all the lines are smooth and flowing. It’s also important to keep your lines loose and not too tight, as this will give your hair a more natural look.

Once you have your sketch done, it’s time to add in some color. Choose colors that compliment each other and that help bring out the texture of the hair.

For example, use darker colors for shadows and lighter colors for highlights. You can also use different shades of a single color for more depth and dimension.

Once you have added in color, add some highlights and low lights by using a brush with varying sizes of roundness/hardness settings. You can also add texture by using a textured brush or even by adding some noise or grain effect.


The last step is to add details such as flyaways or strands of hair that stick out from the main mass of hair. This will give your digital artwork an extra bit of realism that will really make it come alive!


Drawing digital art can be a daunting task at first but with some practice and patience anyone can learn how to draw amazing hairstyles! Start by deciding on what type of style you would like then sketch it out loosely before adding in color. Finally add details such as flyaways or strands of hair which will take your artwork up another level!