How Do You Fit Elastic on Ballet Shoes?

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Elastic is an important component of any ballet shoe. It helps ensure a secure and comfortable fit, as well as aiding with the flexibility required for a dancer to perform their best. But how do you fit elastic on ballet shoes?

First, you’ll need to measure the length of elastic needed for each shoe. Measure from the inside edge of one side of the shoe to the other, plus a few inches extra for overlapping. Cut two pieces of elastic that are equal in length to the measurement you took.

Next, place one piece of elastic along each side of the shoe opening and pin it in place with safety pins. Make sure that both pieces of elastic are overlapping by at least an inch or two so they will stay secure.

Now, thread a sewing needle with thread that matches the color of your elastic and begin sewing one piece onto one side of the shoe. Make sure to backstitch at least twice at both ends, using small stitches so as not to pucker or damage the fabric.

When you’ve finished sewing on one side, repeat the process on the other side. Once both pieces are secured into place, check them for tension. If necessary, pull lightly on each end of both pieces until they have a snug but comfortable fit.


Fitting elastic onto ballet shoes is not difficult if you have some basic sewing skills. Measure and cut two pieces of elastic that correspond with your shoe size and then pin them in place.

Sew each piece into place using small stitches and then adjust them if necessary for a secure but comfortable fit. With proper care, your ballet shoes should last many years!