How Do You Fix Canvas Ballet Shoes?

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Canvas ballet shoes are a popular choice among dancers and performers alike. They offer great comfort, flexibility, and durability for long-term use. However, over time the canvas can become worn or damaged due to the stress of dancing and performing. This can cause holes in the fabric or cause the shoe to become loose and uncomfortable. But don’t despair – there are ways to fix canvas ballet shoes and make them as good as new!

Reinforce with Glue
The most common way to repair a hole in canvas ballet shoes is to reinforce it with glue. Choose a strong fabric glue that will provide enough strength and adhesion for your needs. Apply the glue around the edges of the hole, then press down firmly so it bonds with both sides of the fabric.

Allow it to dry completely before you wear your shoes again.

Replace Lining
If your shoes have become too loose due to worn lining, you can replace it with something more supportive such as leather or suede patches. Cut the patches into appropriate sizes that will fit into the shoe and glue them onto both sides of the lining. Allow it to dry before wearing your shoes again.

Replace Heel Counter
The heel counter is an important part of a ballet shoe as it provides essential arch support and stability while dancing. If your heel counter has become worn or damaged, you can replace it by cutting out a new one from leather or suede material. Glue or stitch the new heel counter onto your shoe and allow it to dry before wearing them again.


Fixing canvas ballet shoes is not difficult if you know what needs to be done! Reinforcing holes with strong fabric glue, replacing worn lining with leather or suede patches, and replacing heel counters all help ensure that your shoes will last a long time without becoming uncomfortable or damaged from dancing or performing.