How Do You Get to the Metropolitan Museum of Art?

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The Metropolitan Museum of Art is one of the world’s greatest cultural institutions and a must-see destination for tourists in New York City. The Met, as it is often called, houses some of the most iconic works of art in history and boasts an impressive permanent collection. If you’re planning a visit to the museum, here’s everything you need to know about how to get there.

By Subway

The simplest and most cost-effective way to get to the Met is by Subway. The museum is located at 82nd Street and Fifth Avenue, which is serviced by several Subway lines.

The 4/5/6 train stops at 86th Street and Lexington Avenue, while the 1 train stops at 79th Street and Broadway. In addition, the B/C train stops at 81st Street and Central Park West.

By Bus

If you don’t want to take the Subway, there are also several bus lines that will take you right to the museum’s doorstep. The M1, M2, M3, M4 and Q32 all stop near 82nd Street and Fifth Avenue. You can also take the M79 or M86 crosstown buses from other parts of Manhattan.

By Taxi or Car

If you’re coming from outside Manhattan or if you want a quicker ride than public transportation offers, taking a taxi or driving your own car are great options. Taxis are plentiful in New York City and can be hailed on street corners or from taxi stands near major attractions like the Met. If you’re driving your own car into Manhattan, be aware that parking fees can be pricey in Midtown.


Getting to the Metropolitan Museum of Art is easy with public transportation options like Subway lines and buses that run directly to its front door. You can also take a taxi or drive your own car if time is a factor or if you’re coming from outside Manhattan. No matter what method of transportation you choose, getting to this iconic cultural institution will be a breeze!