How Do You Give Art to the Museum in Animal Crossing?

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Animal Crossing is a popular game series where players build their own village, make friends with animals, and collect rare items. One of the most exciting features in the game is the ability to give art to the museum.

Giving art to the museum allows players to show off their creative talents and contribute to the culture of their village.

Museum donations are accepted by Blathers, a talking owl who runs the museum in Animal Crossing. To start donating art, first you must find a piece of art that you want to donate.

This can be done by using amiibo cards, visiting real-world galleries, or even creating your own artwork in-game. Once you have found a piece of art that you would like to donate, take it to Blathers at the museum for him to review.

When giving art to Blathers, there are certain criteria that must be met before he will accept your donation. First and foremost, the artwork must be authentic and not a forgery or replica. Additionally, Blathers may reject artwork if it is too similar to something already present in his collection or if it does not fit within his aesthetic preferences.

Once your artwork has been accepted by Blathers, it will be added to the museum’s collection and displayed for all visitors to admire. You will also receive a reward from Blathers in appreciation for your donation which can range from bells (in-game currency) or even rare items such as fossils or furniture.


Giving art to the museum in Animal Crossing is an enjoyable way for players to show off their creative talents and contribute something unique and special to their village. It requires some effort on behalf of the player – finding an appropriate piece of artwork and meeting Blathers’ criteria – but once accepted it will become part of the museum’s collection for all villagers and visitors alike.