How Do You Hold Your Leg Up in Ballet?


The ability to hold your leg up in ballet is an important part of the technique. It requires strength and flexibility, as well as excellent balance and control.

Ballet dancers must be able to hold their leg up for a long period of time to demonstrate their technique and skill.

To achieve the perfect leg hold, it is important to have the correct posture. The back should be straight and your core should be engaged to help support your body weight.

Your arms should also be kept close to your sides for stability. Make sure that you are not placing too much pressure on your feet or toes, as this can cause pain or injury.

When lifting your leg, it is important that you do not lift too high or strain yourself. You want to make sure that you are using correct form and engaging the correct muscles in order to lift your leg safely and effectively.

Start by bending your knee slightly, then slowly extend it upwards while keeping your core engaged so that you can keep a stable balance.

As you lift your leg higher, focus on keeping good turnout so that your toes are facing outwards at a 90-degree angle when your foot is fully extended. Make sure that you are keeping the entire foot engaged when lifting, rather than just pushing off with the toes or heel of the foot.

Once you have reached full extension of the leg, focus on maintaining good form throughout the entire hold. You want to keep a steady stream of energy moving through the entire body in order to stay balanced and avoid straining any muscle groups.


Holding your leg up in ballet requires strength, flexibility, balance, and control. To achieve the perfect leg hold make sure that you have correct posture with straight back and engaged core muscles; do not put too much pressure on feet or toes when lifting; ensure good turnout with toes at 90-degree angle when fully extended; and keep steady stream of energy flowing through body throughout entire hold for best results. By following these tips it will help ensure safe and successful execution of ballet technique.