How Do You Know Your Ballet Shoe Size?


Ballet shoes are an essential part of any dancer’s wardrobe and it is important to find the correct size. Ballet shoes come in a variety of sizes and widths, so it is important to know your own size before purchasing a pair. Knowing your ballet shoe size will ensure that you get the perfect fit, allowing you to dance with comfort and ease.

The first step in finding your ballet shoe size is to measure your foot. You should measure both feet, as feet can be slightly different sizes.

To measure accurately, stand on a hard surface with your heel against a wall. Place a ruler between the wall and the longest toe on your foot and record the measurement in inches or centimeters. Once you have measured both feet, select the larger of the two measurements.

Once you have determined the length of your foot, use this measurement to determine your ballet shoe size. Different brands have different sizing guides and there may be slight variations between them. It is best to use an online sizing guide from a reputable manufacturer to ensure that you are selecting the correct size.

Another way to determine your ballet shoe size is by visiting a dancewear store or studio where they may have sample pairs of various sizes available for trying on. If possible, try on several different sizes and widths until you find one that fits properly. It is important that you move around in the shoes while trying them on as this will help determine if they are too tight or too loose.


Finding the correct size for your ballet shoes can be challenging but with careful measurement and thorough research it can be done! Measure both feet, select the larger measurement and use an online sizing guide from a reputable manufacturer or visit a local dancewear store for assistance in finding the best fit for you.