How Do You Make a Nose in Digital Art?

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Digital art is becoming increasingly popular in today’s world, and many people are turning to digital art to create their own unique pieces. One of the most important aspects of digital art is the ability to create realistic figures and features.

One of the most challenging facial features to recreate in digital art is a nose. Creating a realistic nose can be difficult, but with the right techniques and tools, it can be done with ease.

The first step in creating a nose for your digital artwork is to choose an appropriate shape for the nose. The shape will depend on the type of face you are creating, as different noses work better for different faces.

For example, a longer nose might work well with an oval face while a shorter nose might look better on a rounder face. Once you have chosen the appropriate shape, use your drawing software’s selection tool to draw out the basic outline of the nose.

Once you have created the basic outline, use shading and highlights to give your nose more dimension and realism. Start by adding shadows along the sides of your nose using a darker color than what you used for your outline.

This will give your nose more depth and help create a more realistic look. You can also add highlights by using lighter colors along certain areas of your nose.

Another important aspect in creating a realistic looking nose is adding details such as nostrils, wrinkles, and other facial features like freckles or moles. To create these details, use either pencil or brush tools in your drawing software. If you want to make sure that all of your details are symmetrical across both sides of your face, use symmetry tools within most drawing software applications.


Creating a realistic looking digital art piece requires attention to detail – especially when it comes to creating facial features such as noses. By choosing an appropriate shape for your chosen face type, adding shading and highlights for dimension, and using pencil or brush tools for smaller details such as wrinkles or freckles – you can easily recreate a realistic looking nose in digital art!