How Do You Make a Pixel Art Mod for Minecraft?

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Once you decide to make a pixel art mod for Minecraft, the process is relatively straightforward. The first step is to decide on the type of mod you would like to create.

This could be anything from a decorative item to a new building block or crafting recipe. After deciding on the type of mod, you will need to create a resource pack which will contain the textures and other assets required for your mod. You can find these resources by searching online or by creating them yourself in an image editor such as GIMP or Photoshop.

Once your resource pack is ready, you can begin creating your pixel art mod. This is done by creating individual blocks using pixels as the building blocks.

Each pixel should be assigned a color using colors from the resource pack. After each block has been created, it can then be placed in the game world where it can be viewed and interacted with by players.

One of the best ways to make sure that your pixel art mod looks good in-game is to use an online tool such as Pixelator which allows you to easily create 3D models from 2D images and export them directly into Minecraft. This makes it much easier to create detailed models with accurate lighting, shadows, and textures that look great in-game. Additionally, there are many tools available which allow you to easily modify existing textures or create completely new ones from scratch all within Minecraft itself.

Once your pixel art mod is complete, you will need to package it and upload it for others to download and use on their own servers or worlds. You can do this through various sites such as CurseForge or PlanetMinecraft where users can search for mods that interest them and download them with ease. Additionally, some mods may also require special permissions from Mojang before they can be used on official servers so make sure you read up on their licensing requirements before uploading anything publicly!

Finally, keeping up with feedback and bug reports is essential if you want your mod to remain popular among players so make sure you stay active in forums and other discussion boards related to your particular mod so that any issues are addressed quickly and efficiently.


Making a pixel art mod for Minecraft requires patience and dedication but with the right tools at hand, anyone can achieve success! By utilizing resources found online or created yourself in an image editor, creating individual blocks using pixels as building blocks, using online tools such as Pixelator for 3D models creation, packaging up your work properly for uploads to sites like CurseForge or PlanetMinecraft while adhering to any licensing requirements set by Mojang when applicable; anyone can have an awesomely detailed pixel art mod ready for use within no time!