How Do You Make a Portable Ballet Barre?


For professional and amateur dancers alike, a portable ballet barre is an essential tool for practice and performance. Ballet barres provide stability, balance and support when practicing difficult dance moves and are easily transportable.

Constructing a portable ballet barre is not a difficult process, though it does require some basic tools. With the right materials, anyone can make their own portable ballet barre at home.

Tools Needed:

  • Pipe Wrench
  • Measuring Tape
  • Hacksaw
  • Wood screws and drill
  • 4x4x2 foot dowels (2)
  • Galvanized steel pipe (2)
  • End caps for the galvanized pipe (4)
  • Flanges for the galvanized pipe (4)

Steps to Make a Portable Ballet Barre:

  1. Cutting the Dowels:
    Using the hacksaw, cut two 4x4x2 foot dowels into four equal lengths of approximately 28 inches each. These pieces will be used to construct the main body of your ballet barre.
  2. Attaching the Dowels:
    Using wood screws and your drill, attach two of the dowel pieces together in an “L” shape. Repeat this step with the remaining two dowel pieces to form two “L” shapes that will make up the main body of your ballet barre.