How Do You Make an Attack Animation in Pixel Art?

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Creating an attack animation in pixel art is a great way to bring your game to life. Pixel art is a form of digital art that involves using small pixels to create images on a computer or console. It has become increasingly popular over the years, and it can be used to great effect in creating games and animations.

The first step in making an attack animation in pixel art is deciding on the type of attack you want to portray. Do you want your character to perform a physical attack, or a magical one?

Do you want them to use a weapon, or just their body? Once you’ve decided on the type of attack, you can start planning out the animation itself.

Next, you’ll need to decide how many frames your animation will have. This will depend on how complex the attack is and how much time it takes for the character to perform it. You should also decide how large each frame will be – this will determine the size of your canvas and how much detail you can include in each frame.

Once you’ve got an idea of what your animation will look like, it’s time to start drawing! Start by drawing out each frame on paper – this will help you get a better sense of what it should look like when finished, as well as helping you make sure all your frames are consistent with one another.

After that, transfer all your frames onto the computer using software such as Photoshop or GIMP. Use these tools to give each frame more detail than what was possible with paper – for example, adding shading and highlights can really bring life into an otherwise flat image. You can also use these programs for adding movement and effects such as dust clouds or sparks when appropriate.

Finally, animate all your frames together using either Flash or other software specifically designed for creating animations from individual frames. This will allow you to set certain parameters such as speed and easing so that everything looks smooth and natural when moved together. When everything looks good, export the finished product as either an animated GIF or video file so that others can view it!

Creating an attack animation in pixel art is not only fun but also highly rewarding; seeing all those tiny pixels come together into something dynamic and exciting is truly satisfying! With some practice and patience anyone can create stunning animations that bring their game worlds alive!


Making an attack animation in pixel art requires careful planning and attention to detail but with some creativity and persistence anyone can create amazing animations that make their games come alive! With enough practice, anyone can learn how to make exciting animations from small pixels!