How Do You Make Nezuko in Pixel Art?

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Pixel art is a form of digital art that has been around since the early days of video gaming. It’s a unique illustration style that uses small squares (or “pixels”) to create an image.

Nezuko Kamado from the popular anime series Demon Slayer is one of the most popular characters to recreate using pixel art. With her distinct features and makeup, she is an ideal subject for pixel artists to take on.

Creating pixel art of Nezuko requires a few basic steps. To begin, you will need a blank canvas, access to an image editing program (such as GIMP or Photoshop), and a reference image. It’s best to start with an image that has already been made into pixel art, as it can provide some guidance when it comes to which colors and shapes to use when creating your own version.

Once you have your reference image, you can begin mapping out your canvas. This involves breaking down the image into individual pixels and assigning each one a color from your reference picture. The size of each square will depend on how detailed you want your final piece to be – smaller squares will create a more detailed final product.

After mapping out your canvas, it’s time to start adding in details. This includes things like highlights and shadows, outlining certain features such as eyes and hair, and adding color. For Nezuko’s signature look, her eyes should be given special attention – they should be wide and bright for maximum impact!

After all of the details have been added in, you can start adding finishing touches like shading or outlining certain sections. You may also want to add some text or other small details if desired.


Creating Nezuko in pixel art is not too difficult once you have the basics down. All it takes is some patience and attention to detail – starting with a reference image, mapping out your canvas, adding in highlights/shadows/color, and then completing the piece with finishing touches like outlining or text. With enough practice, anyone can make their own version of this iconic character!