How Do You Make Pixel Art in Excel?

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Pixel art is a great way to express your creativity and add a bit of fun to your work. Pixel art is often used for game design and animation, but it can also be used for other creative projects. Making pixel art in Excel is a great way to create something unique and different, without having any specialized software.

Making pixel art in Excel requires a little bit of knowledge about the program. The first step is to create a spreadsheet with the desired dimensions- typically 8×8 or 16×16 cells. If you are using the 8×8 dimension, enter ‘1’ in each cell, as this will create a square pattern with each cell acting as one ‘pixel’.

For the 16×16 dimension, enter ‘2’ in each cell to achieve the same result.

You can then start adding color by selecting one or more cells and changing their fill color from the Home tab on the ribbon bar. For example, if you want to make a red circle, select all cells that make up its outline and change their fill color to red. You can use other basic drawing tools such as lines and shapes from the Insert tab on the ribbon bar to add more detail and complexity.

If you are comfortable using VBA (Visual Basic for Applications), you can also use it to automate certain aspects of pixel art creation such as adding gradients or creating more intricate patterns with code rather than manually selecting cells and adjusting colors.

Creating pixel art in Excel is easy and versatile enough that anyone can have fun experimenting with it. With a little bit of practice, you will be able to create detailed pixel art quickly and easily.


Making pixel art in Excel is easy and fun! With just some basic knowledge about how Excel works and how to use its drawing tools, anyone can create detailed pixel artwork quickly and easily.