How Do You Make Pokemon Styles in Pixel Art?

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Pixel art is one of the most popular forms of digital art. It’s an art form that uses small, individual pixels to create an image.

Pixel art has been used in a variety of media, including video games, comic books, and animations. And it’s not just limited to those mediums–pixel art can also be used to create unique and eye-catching designs for websites and social media.

The pixel art style can be seen everywhere from retro video games to modern web design. But if you want to make pixel art with a more specific style, like that of the beloved Pokémon franchise, there are certain techniques you should know about. Here’s how to make Pokémon-style pixel art:

1. Start With A Grid – The first step in creating any kind of pixel art is to create a grid.

This will help you keep your artwork organized as you work on it. Start by creating a simple grid with evenly spaced boxes or squares. This will serve as the foundation for your artwork.

2. Add Color – Once you have your basic grid set up, it’s time to start adding color.

Pick colors that are bright and vibrant, as this will help bring your artwork to life and make it look more like the Pokémon characters we know and love. When picking colors, think about how they will interact with each other–you don’t want colors that clash or look too jarring next to each other!

3. Create The Outlines – Once you have your colors selected, it’s time to start creating the outlines for your characters or objects in your artwork.

To do this, use a thicker line than what you used for the grid lines in order for them to stand out more against the background colors. You can also use special effects like shading or highlights to add depth and realism to your outlines as well!

4. Fill In The Details – With the outlines in place, all that’s left is filling in the details!

Use smaller pixels than what you used for the outlines in order to get a more crisp finish on your artwork and really bring out those details that make Pokémon so recognizable and beloved by fans across the world! Once all of your details are filled in, step back and admire your work–you now have a unique piece of pixel art based on one of our favorite franchises!

Conclusion: Creating Pokemon-style pixel art is an exciting way for fans of this beloved franchise show off their creativity! By starting with a grid and then adding color, outlining shapes, and filling in details with smaller pixels than what was used for outlining shapes – an amazing piece of pixel art can be created that looks just like something straight out of the Pokemon universe!